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OriPure PH5 Alnico V Open HumbuckerPickup, Neck/Bridge/Set

OriPure PH5 Alnico V Open HumbuckerPickup, Neck/Bridge/Set

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OriPure PH5

Alnico V
Open Humbucker
Available in Neck, Bridge, or Matched pairs

Black or White


Direct replacement for most standard Humbucker applications

  • Character: Classic Alnico voicing and articulation with a modern edge. Double allen key polepieces provide additional response adjustment and tighter focus. The modern output bridge version drives amps and effects more effectively while keeping the sweet Alnico sound.
  • Resistance: 7.9 k ohms (neck), 8.8k ohms (bridge) 16.6K ohms (modern bridge)
  • Inductance: 3.7H (neck) , 4.8H (bridge) 8.6H (modern bridge)
  • Baseplate: Nickel alloy
  • Pole spacing 50MM (neck) 52MM (bridge)
  • Wax potted to eliminate microphonics
  • 4 conductor wiring for maximum flexibility
  • Mounting hardware & screws included

Please note: 

Specifications may vary due to the differences in climatic conditions. This is common in vintage-style pickups.


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