Prewired Pickguard Customization




Now we can custom pickguards for people who have a new design or mass production idea.

And also Prewired Pickguard Customization

We Provide Four Custom Service Plans If you can't find a suitable pickguard in pickguards list:

Plan 1: We provide 56 colors of blank pickguard materials, but our most pickguard models only have hot sell colors on sale, if you can't find the color that you like on the sale list, you could choose the service of choose colors.

Plan 2: Modify some details on the FLEOR® pickguard template, like as modify the pickup holes, switch slots, potentiometer holes, mounting screw holes, and pickup height adjustment screw holes.

Plan 3: Custom a new pickguard, you need to provide a CAD drawing, or a scanning full-scale drawing. you can find someone to make it in your local.

Plan 4: Tell us the pickguard kind, pickups style, switch style, and colors that you want, we will handcrafted the prewired pickguard set for you!! 

No matter right hand version or left hand version, we can fix!

Please Mark some details on your size picture:
1. Whether make countersunk holes for pickguard screws ?
2. Whether need to make outside edge completely chamfered 45° or other angles?

We will also give you a price quote based on your outline.

Please understand that we need to 4-10 days to work on it.
But we never compromise on quality and detail.

If you have any questions about the custom pickguard, don't hesitate to contact us directly via email at
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