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OriPure JPY501 S Alnico V P-90 “Soapbar” Pickups

OriPure JPY501 S Alnico V P-90 “Soapbar” Pickups

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OriPure JPY501 S 
Alnico V
P-90 “Soapbar”

Available in vintage or modern output (bridge)

Individually or in matched sets

Cream or Black

  • Character: The classic P-90 sound, warm & fat, with an edge. Modern quality control and wax potting make these pickups far more reliable than the originals while maintaining the sought-after vibe that made them famous. Reverse polarity & winding between neck & bridge for hum-canceling when used together in matched sets
  • Resistance: 9.5K(bridge), 8.1k (neck)
    Modern output bridge 11.5K
  • Inductance:7.5H(bridge), 5.4H(neck)

    Modern output bridge 10.4H

  • Baseplate: Nickel alloy
  • Vintage style braided shield wiring with cloth pushback center
  • Pole spacing 50mm (neck) 52mm (bridge)
  • Mounting hardware & screws included

Please note: 

Specifications may vary due to the differences in climatic conditions. This is common in vintage-style pickups.


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