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OriPure OAH-05 5W All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

OriPure OAH-05 5W All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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  • Power: 5W / 5-Watt

  • Preamp tube: 1 x 12AX7 (ECC83)

  • Power tube: 1 x EL84

  • Rectifier tube: 1 x 6Z4

  • Tone switch: Bright/Warm

  • Channels: Single Channel

  • Controls: Volume/Gain/Treble/Middle/Bass

  • Gain Control: Lower gain settings produce clean tones, while higher gain settings result in overdriven tones.

  • Standby Mode Control: The OFF position puts the amplifier in standby mode, with only the filaments heated and no high voltage applied, while the ON position is for normal operation

  • Outputs: 8Ω/16Ω

  • Jack:  1-megohm high-impedance 6.35mm input jack

  • Power Selector Switch: Switch between 110V and 220V power voltage, please choose the right voltage firstly.

  • AC Power Plug Type: US /EU/CN Plugs for choose.

Part A:

Introducing our Handmade 5W All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head - the perfect addition to your home music setup! This amplifier is a fully electronic tube guitar amplifier head that utilizes a two-stage preamp to achieve high gain. With the GAIN/VOLUME knobs, you can adjust the sound from a clean tone to overdrive to suit your preferences. The power amp stage is designed with a Single Ended Output Stage, which provides a concise and stable output, with a warm and moderate power output that's perfect for home use.

The amplifier also features a BRIGHT/WARM switch for selecting between two types of sounds, as well as high (TREBLE), middle (MIDDLE), and low (BASS) EQ controls, so you can tailor the sound to your exact needs.

At the heart of this amplifier is the handmade output transformer, which is crafted using paper insulation for each layer of insulation. The insulation paper has a lower dielectric constant, which reduces the stray capacitance and increases the resonant frequency of the transformer. The result is better high-frequency response and a more transparent sound. The output transformer is also made of high-quality Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel (35Z155-0.35), which provides a higher inductance and enhances the low-frequency effect.

The amplifier is housed in a sturdy and attractive aluminum casing, which not only provides excellent protection but also looks great in any setting. With a 1 x 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tube, 1 x EL84 power tube, and 1 x 6Z4 rectifier tube, this amplifier is designed for exceptional performance.

This amplifier is perfect for guitarists who want a high-quality, low-wattage amplifier that's perfect for home use. It features a single channel, with all the controls you need to get the perfect sound. With an 8Ω/16Ω output, this amplifier can be connected to a variety of different speaker cabinets. So whether you're playing in your bedroom, living room, or home studio, this amplifier is the perfect choice!

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